Telonic Instruments Ltd an ISO9001:2008 registered company specialises in Test Instruments and Power Supplies from industry leading manufactures including Kikusui, ETL Pruftechnik, Rigol, Graphtec and Micsig.

Lab-Power LAB-DC200-50 Lab-Power LAB-DC200-50

Lab-Power LAB-DC200-50 DC Power Supply 0-200V 0-50A

Lab-Power LAB-DC120-83 Lab-Power LAB-DC120-83

Lab-Power LAB-DC120-83 DC Power Supply 0-120V 0-83A

Aaronia SPECTRAN HF-6060 V4 Handheld RF Spectrum Analyser Aaronia SPECTRAN HF-6060 V4 + Option 203

Handheld RF Spectrum Analyser System (10MHz to 6GHz)

Price: £999.00 (1,198.80 inc VAT)
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Lab-Power LAB-DC250-40 Lab-Power LAB-DC250-40

Lab-Power LAB-DC250-40 DC Power Supply 0-250V 0-40A

Brymen BM257s Multimeter Brymen BM257s

CAT II 1kV / CAT III 600V Digital Multimeter

Price: £75.00 (90.00 inc VAT)
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Lab-Power LAB-DC150-75 Lab-Power LAB-DC150-75

Lab-Power LAB-DC150-75 DC Power Supply 0-150V 0-75A

Kikusui PMX250-0.25 Power Supplies Kikusui PMX250-0.25

Kikusui PMX250-0.25 DC Power Supplies 0-250V 0-0.25A

Price: £598.00 (717.60 inc VAT)
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Lab-Power LAB-DC100-100 Lab-Power LAB-DC100-100

Lab-Power LAB-DC100-100 DC Power Supply 0-100V 0-100A

Hioki 3335 AC/DC Bench Power Meter Hioki PW3335

Hioki PW3335 AC/DC Bench Power Meter / Analyser

Price: £1,939.00 (2,326.80 inc VAT)
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