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At Danisense customers come first and an integral part of there make up is creating long-lasting customer partnerships and working with them to identify their needs and provide solutions that will support their success.

Andreas, Mikael and Henrik are the three founders bringing many years of experience from great companies such as Nokia, Medtronic, Velux, Danfysik and LEM to the company. After working with high precision current transducers for many years the three founders wanted to create a new design for the current sensing customers.

Danisense is creating solutions enabling their customers to quickly and easily measure AC and DC currents with an accuracy down to 1ppm.

Danisense is redefining the high end current sensor market by offering current sensors with superb quality, extremely flat frequency response and outstanding DC stability.

Danisense develops and manufactures all their transducers in Denmark. This is a customer focused strategy enabling Danisense to serve customers quickly and with fantastic quality.

• Automotive current sensors
• Extended temperature current sensor - 85 deg Celcius
• AC current sensor - DC current sensor
• Calibration winding option (100 turns)
• Output signal as current and voltage options
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Danisense DS200 current measurement sensor Danisense DS600 current measurement sensor Danisense DS2000 current measurement sensor
DS200 is member of the small housing sensor family. The family includes a 200A (1:500) and a 600A (1:1500) version. DS600 is member of the small housing sensor family. The family includes a 200A (1:500) and a 600A (1:1500) version. DS 2000 is developed to offer extreme linearity and full industrial temperature range.
Danisense DS5000 Fluxgate current transducer DSSIU-4 Four Channel System Interface Unit Danisense Power Supply Cable
The DS5000 is developed for very high current applications. It has all the protection of a smaller transducer, but also comes with an optional high precision burden board. (The board converting current to a 10V output voltage) With 150mm diameter in the center hole, most applications/primary conductors will fit. The standard configuration includes a 5m long cable between 19” Control Unit and Transducer Head and a mains cable. DSSIU-4 is an interface unit capable of integrating up to 4xDS2000 into a complete current measuring system. A 5m (15ft) long power supply cable to be used with a standard DC Power Supply
Danisense Signal Output Cable
A 2m (6ft) long shielded signal output cable