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SD009-PCR-LE Power Line Immunity Testing



EN/IEC 61000-4 :  SD009-PCR-LE Power Line Immunity Testing Software

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Description DataSheet / Video
SD009-PCR-LE (Quick Immunity Sequencer 2) software package. Used in conjunction with the Kikusui PCR-LE / LE2 AC power supply series, Immunity test standard (IEC61000-4 Series) is an application software for the immunity testing. This software package allows the user to carry out voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variations immunity tests for pre-confirmation / compliance testing to IEC/EN 61000-4.

Compatibility list for EMC standard test

◎: fit in a standard △: some incompatibility ×: incompatibility over: No function
IEC61000-4-34 except immunity test of 16A / phase following equipment
we change some of the compatibility list (2013.6.28)
we changed some of the compatibility list (2015.11.5)
Standard nameitemFit
voltage dip, momentary power failure and voltage variations
Voltage dip
Short interruptions
Voltage variation
Flat curve
Frequency sweep
3 odd harmonic that is not a multiple of
3 odd harmonics of multiples of
Even harmonics
Meister curve
voltage upset
Voltage upset
ripple in the DC input power supply terminal
Single-phase rectifier circuitOver
Three-phase rectifier circuitOver
non-equilibrium of equipment
UnbalancedOver△ * 1
16A / phase power frequency variation of the following equipment
Frequency variation
DC voltage dip, momentary power failure and voltage variations
Voltage dipOver
Short interruptions△ * 3Over
Voltage variationOver
of the input current of more than 16A / phase voltage dip for the equipment, short interruptions and voltage variations
Voltage dip△ * 2△ * 2
Short interruptions△ * 2△ * 2
Voltage variation
* 1.110%, 95.2%, 93.5%, 90%, 87%, 80%, 74%, 71%, need to respond to a sudden change of 1μs ~ 5μs to 66%. Voltage response of the PCR-LE / LE2 is 20μs at FAST, than 30μs in MEDIUM, a preliminary test.
* 2. 16A ~ 75A is necessary to respond to a sudden change of 1μs ~ 5μs. 75A than the equipment is compatible unnecessary to the sudden change in 1μs ~ 5μs (75A than the equipment has been relaxed to 1μs ~ 50μs).
* 3. It must have a corresponding to the output impedance 100kΩ or more. The output impedance of the PCR-LE / LE2 than less than 100kΩ, a preliminary test.
Other Hardware maybe required for some testes.

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