New Graphtec GL2000 Data Logger

CAT lll Compatible, High Voltage True RMS Data Logger.

GL2000 is the first data logger from Graphtec supporting CATIII 600V.
Some of the useful features of this model include;

1. CATIII 600V Supported GL2000 has specification to comply with measurement category CATIII 600V. It allows customers to use GL2000 for measurement performed in the building installation such as measurements on distribution boards and circuit breakers in fixed installation and industrial equipment.
a - Measurement Categories
b - Typical application is the measurement on three-phase power supply

2. Fast sampling at 1MS/s As a result of customer requests, Graphtec has implemented 1MS/s sampling which is much faster than the previous model GL900 which only had 100kS/s as maximum sampling speed. 1MS/s is required in many applications such as electrical power measurement. Together with CATIII 600V compatibility, GL2000 offers users wider range of applications.

3. Real time RMS measurement. RMS measurement enables users to detect abnormalities in repeated waveform. Without using RMS range, it is difficult to detect abnormal voltage fluctuation in AC waveforms. RMS range allows users to set trigger condition and to detect error in the waveform. Please contact Telonic Instruments Graphtec UK representative for further information.