New Spectrum Analysers
Rigol Spectrum Analysers from Only £555 + VAT

Of interest to hobbyists, educational establishments and businesses alike - The new DSA700 series has significantly lowered the entry-level cost for Rigol spectrum analysers. Building upon the success of the popular DSA800 series, the versatile DSA700 series is available in 500MHz and 1GHz versions. Both models feature a built-in preamplifier and would form an ideal basis for a cost-effective EMC pre-compliance test system.
Rigol DSA700 Series

  • All-digital IF technology
  • Frequency range from 100kHz up to 1GHz
  • Min. -130dBm displayed average noise level(Typ.)
  • Min. -80dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz offset phase noise
  • Level measurement uncertainty <1.5 dB
  • 100Hz minimum resolution bandwidth
  • 2FSK modulation signal measurement and analysis function in SSC mode
  • Measurement for remote controller, car keys and other signals based on 2FSK modulation
  • EMI pre-compliance testing
  • Channel power monitoring and pass/fail verification
  • EMI filter & quasi-peak detector kit (Optional)
  • Advanced measurement functions (Optional)
  • Optional RF TX/RX training kit
  • Connectivity: LAN (LXI), USB Host & Device
  • GPIB (Optional)
  • 8” TFT LCD display
  • Compact size, light weight design

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