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Programmable DC Power Supplies 5001 - 20000W

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Lab-Power LAB-DC
0-15V to 0-1500V 0-2A to 0-500A 3kW to 10kW Rack RS232, Iso Analogue, LAN*, GPIB*, USB* Please Call
Lab-Power LAB-DCH
0-15V to 0-1500V 0-2A to 0-3000A 5kW to 60kW Rack RS232, Iso Analogue, LAN*, GPIB*, USB* Please Call
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Lab-Power LAB-DC100-50 Lab-Power LAB-DC100-60 Lab-Power LAB-DC100-80
Lab-Power LAB-DC100-50 DC Power Supply 0-100V 0-50A 5kW Lab-Power LAB-DC100-60 DC Power Supply 0-100V 0-60A 6kW Lab-Power LAB-DC100-80 DC Power Supply 0-100V 0-80A 8kW
Lab-Power LAB-DC1000-10 Lab-Power LAB-DC1000-6 Lab-Power LAB-DC1000-8
Lab-Power LAB-DC1000-10 DC Power Supply 0-1000V 0-10A 10kW Lab-Power LAB-DC1000-6 DC Power Supply 0-1000V 0-6A 6kW Lab-Power LAB-DC1000-8 DC Power Supply 0-1000V 0-8A 8kW
Lab-Power LAB-DC1200-5 Lab-Power LAB-DC1200-6.7 Lab-Power LAB-DC1200-8.4
Lab-Power LAB-DC1200-5 DC Power Supply 0-1200V 0-5A 6kW Lab-Power LAB-DC1200-6.7 DC Power Supply 0-1200V 0-6.7A 8kW Lab-Power LAB-DC1200-8.4 DC Power Supply 0-1200V 0-8.4A 10kW
Lab-Power LAB-DC15-400 Lab-Power LAB-DC15-500 Lab-Power LAB-DC150-40
Lab-Power LAB-DC15-400 DC Power Supply 0-15V 0-400A 6kW Lab-Power LAB-DC15-500 DC Power Supply 0-15V 0-500A 8kW Lab-Power LAB-DC150-40 DC Power Supply 0-150V 0-40A 6kW
Lab-Power LAB-DC150-55 Lab-Power LAB-DC1500-4 Lab-Power LAB-DC1500-5.4
Lab-Power LAB-DC150-55 DC Power Supply 0-150V 0-55A 8kW Lab-Power LAB-DC1500-4 Dc Power Supply 0-1500V 0-4A 6kW Lab-Power LAB-DC1500-5.4 DC Power Supply 0-1500V 0-5.4A 8kW
Lab-Power LAB-DC1500-7 Lab-Power LAB-DC20-300 Lab-Power LAB-DC20-440
Lab-Power LAB-DC1500-7 DC Power Supply 0-1500V 0-7A 10kW Lab-Power LAB-DC20-300 DC Power Supply 0-20V 0-300A 6kW Lab-Power LAB-DC20-440 DC Power Supply 0-20V 0-440A 8kW
Lab-Power LAB-DC20-500 Lab-Power LAB-DC25-240 Lab-Power LAB-DC25-320
Lab-Power LAB-DC20-500 DC Power Supply 0-20V 0-500A 10kW Lab-Power LAB-DC25-240 DC Power Supply 0-25V 0-240A 6kW Lab-Power LAB-DC25-320 DC Power Supply 0-25V 0-320A 8kW
Lab-Power LAB-DC25-400 Lab-Power LAB-DC300-20 Lab-Power LAB-DC300-30
Lab-Power LAB-DC25-400 DC Power Supply 0-25V 0-400A 10kW Lab-Power LAB-DC300-20 DC Power Supply 0-300V 0-20A 6kW Lab-Power LAB-DC300-30 DC Power Supply 0-300V 0-30A 8kW
Lab-Power LAB-DC300-40 Lab-Power LAB-DC35-175 Lab-Power LAB-DC35-230
Lab-Power LAB-DC300-40 DC Power Supply 0-300V 0-40A 10kW Lab-Power LAB-DC35-175 DC Power Supply 0-35V 0-175A 6kW Lab-Power LAB-DC35-230 DC Power Supply 0-35V 0-230A 8kW
Lab-Power LAB-DC35-350 Lab-Power LAB-DC45-140 Lab-Power LAB-DC45-180
Lab-Power LAB-DC35-350 DC Power Supply 0-35V 0-350A 10kW Lab-Power LAB-DC45-140 DC Power Supply 0-45V 0-140A 6kW Lab-Power LAB-DC45-180 DC Power Supply 0-45V 0-180A 8kW