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Kikusui PCR500MA Rental
Kikusui PCR500MA AC Power Supply / Frequency Converter

Kikusui PCR500MA


Kikusui PCR500MA AC Power Supply / Frequency Converter

0-310V AC / 0-438V DC 40-500Hz 500VA

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Kikusui PCR500MA AC Power Supply / Frequency Converter.

The Kikusui PCR500MA is a 500VA compact variable frequency AC Power Supply. Weighing only 6kg's, the PCR500M is crammed full of features including AC, DC, AC+DC output and memory functions. The output voltage can be set anywhere between 0-310VAC and the frequency from 40-500Hz allowing the user to easily set different worldwide output voltages, including 120V 60Hz, 230V 50Hz and 115V 400Hz for aviation applications, voltage and frequency can also be adjusted when the output is on for margin testing.
You can also measure the voltage, current and power of the AC and DC output and, using software, apparent power, reactive power, power factor, crest factor and current peak hold.

  • Compact AC power source employing the PWM inverter system
  • AC Output: 0V~155V / 0V~310V · 40Hz~500Hz
  • DC Output: ± 0V~219V / ± 0V~438V
  • Low distortion synthesised output waveform
  • Maximum peak current 3 times the rated RMS
  • Sensing function

The PCR500MA is equipped with a USB and LAN interface and comes complete with web browser software control as standard. Instrument Drivers are also available.

PCR-MA Lineup

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PCR 2000MA NEW Single phase 2 kVA, compact AC power supply
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PCR-MA Product Videos

Performance / Functions

Output characteristic : AC mode
The output voltage variable range is 0 V to 155 V / 0 V to 310 V (2 ranges) and the frequency variable range is 40 Hz to 500 Hz, which can be set in a wide range, so it corresponds to the nominal voltage (single phase) of each country. It can also be used for testing power supply equipment mounted on aircraft, ships and actuators.

Output characteristics : DC mode
The output voltage variable range is ± 0 V to 219 V / ± 0 V to 438 V (2 ranges, manual and auto switching).

Output characteristics : AC+DC mode
AC+DC Mode is a function that superimposes a DC voltage on an AC voltage or an AC voltage on a DC voltage, it can be used through the LAN (including web browser) USB or the optional GPIB interface.

Input characteristics
The nominal input voltage range is AC100V to 120V / 200V to 240V 50Hz / 60Hz (single phase). Voltage is automatically determined at power-on. The power factor is 0.9 (standard value) which mimimises input current and harmonic distortion.

Measurement function
You can measure voltage, current, power of AC and DC output. You can display true rms value and average value (direct current) of output voltage and true rms value, peak value and average value (direct current) of output current. Also, it is possible to measure apparent power (VA), reactive power (VAR), power factor (PF), crest factor (CF), peak hold current by using the communication interface.

Output ON phase setting function
Output ON phase setting function In AC mode, it is possible to set the OUTPUT ON phase between 0 and 359%.

OUTPUT off The output turns off at the zero phase phase angle.

Memory function
Three sets of output voltage, frequency set value and limit value can be stored in the main body memory, so it is convenient for rapid changes in voltage/frequency. In addition, up to 11 pairs of memories can be used with communication commands only.

Maximum peak current
Maximum peak current up to three times the rated maximum current (effective value) can be output for a capacitor input filtered devices.

Protection functions
Input voltage Out of rated range protection
Overheat protection (OHP)
Overload Protection: Current Limit (OCP) / Power Over Monitor (OPP) / Peak Over Current Monitor (OCPP)
Voltage abnormality detection: Voltage rise (OVP) / voltage drop (LVP)
Detection of connection failure of sensing line (SF)

Analogue interface
Using an optional analogue interface board (EX08 - PCR - MA), output control by external analogue signal is possible.

EXT-AC mode
EXT - AC mode EXT - AC mode The AC
voltage value to be output can be varied according to the input DC signal.
Voltage amplification factor: 15.5 times or 31 times

EXT-DC mode
EXT - DC mode EXT - DC mode The
input waveform is directly amplified and output.
Voltage amplification factor: 100 times or 200 times

Easy access with built-in WEB server
You can access, control and monitor Web servers built into the PCR-MA series from PC, smart phone, tablet WEB browser.

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