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Programmable DC Power Supplies 751 - 5000W

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Manufacturer Series Output Voltage Output Current Power Rack/Bench Control Price From
Kikusui PWR 01
0-40V to 0-650V 0-1.85A to 0-120A 400W to 1200W Bench/Rack Analogue, USB, LAN, RS232 £710
Kikusui PWR

0-10V to 0-650V 0-2 to 0-160A 400W to 1600W Bench/Rack Analogue, USB*, GPIB*, RS232* £800
Kikusui PWX

0-30V to 0-650V 0-7A to 0-150A 750W to 1500W Bench/Rack Analogue, USB, LAN, ISO Analogue** £1529
Lab-Power LAB-DC

0-15V to 0-1500V 0-2A to 0-500A 3kW to 10kW Rack RS232, Iso Analogue, LAN*, GPIB*, USB* Please Call
Lab-Power LAB-DCH
Lab-Power Lab-DCH DC Power Supply
0-15V to 0-1500V 0-2A to 0-3000A 5kW to 60kW Rack RS232, Iso Analogue, LAN*, GPIB*, USB* Please Call
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Kikusui PAS10-105 DC Power Supplies Kikusui PAS160-6 DC Power Supplies Kikusui PAS20-54 DC Power Supplies
Kikusui PAS10-105
Discontinued, Please see new PWR1201L
Kikusui PAS160-6
Discontinued, Please see new PWR401MH
Kikusui PAS20-54
Discontinued, Please see new PWR801L
Kikusui PAS10-105 DC Power Supply 0-10V 0-105A Kikusui PAS160-6 DC Power Supply 0-160V 0-6A Kikusui PAS20-54 DC Power Supply 0-20V 0-54A
Kikusui PAS320-3 DC Power Supplies Kikusui PAS40-27 DC Power Supplies Kikusui PAS60-18 DC Power Supplies
Kikusui PAS320-3
Discontinued, Please see new PWR801H
Kikusui PAS40-27
Discontinued, Please see new PWR401L
Kikusui PAS60-18
Discontinued, Please see new PWR401ML
Kikusui PAS320-3 DC Power Supply 0-320V 0-3A Kikusui PAS40-27 DC Power Supply 0-40V 0-27A Kikusui PAS60-18 DC Power Supply 0-60V 0-18A
Kikusui PAS80-13.5 DC Power Supplies Sorensen DCS80-37E DC Power Supplies Kikusui PWR1600L DC Power Supplies
Kikusui PAS80-13.5
Discontinued, Please see new PWR401ML
Kikusui PAS80-13.5 DC Power Supply 0-80V 0-13.5A Sorensen DCS80-37E DC Power Supplies 0-80V 0-37A Kikusui PWR1600L DC Power Supplies 0-80V 0-100A (160A Limited Period)
Kikusui PWR1600M DC Power Supplies Lab-Power LAB-DC100-100 Lab-Power LAB-DC100-30
Kikusui PWR1600M DC Power Supplies 0-320V 0-25A Lab-Power LAB-DC100-100 DC Power Supply 0-100V 0-100A Lab-Power LAB-DC100-30 DC Power Supply 0-100V 0-30A 3kW
Lab-Power LAB-DC100-40 Lab-Power LAB-DC1000-3 Lab-Power LAB-DC1000-4
Lab-Power LAB-DC100-40 DC Power Supply 0-100V 0-40A 4kW Lab-Power LAB-DC1000-3 DC Power Supply 0-1000V 0-3A 3kW Lab-Power LAB-DC1000-4 DC Power Supply 0-1000V 0-4A 4kW
Lab-Power LAB-DC1000-5 Lab-Power LAB-DC1200-2.6 Lab-Power LAB-DC1200-3.4
Lab-Power LAB-DC1000-5 DC Power Supply 0-1000V 0-5A 5kW Lab-Power LAB-DC1200-2.6 DC Power Supply 0-1200V 0-2.6A 3kW Lab-Power LAB-DC1200-3.4 DC Power Supply 0-1200V 0-3.4A 4kW
Lab-Power LAB-DC1200-4.2 Lab-Power LAB-DC15-200 Lab-Power LAB-DC150-20
Lab-Power LAB-DC1200-4.2 DC Power Supply 0-1200V 0-4.2A 5kW Lab-Power LAB-DC15-200 DC Power Supply 0-15V 0-200A 3kW Lab-Power LAB-DC150-20 DC Power Supply 0-150V 0-20A 3kW
Lab-Power LAB-DC150-30 Lab-Power LAB-DC150-35 Lab-Power LAB-DC150-75
Lab-Power LAB-DC150-30 DC Power Supply 0-150V 0-30A 4kW Lab-Power LAB-DC150-35 DC Power Supply 0-150V 0-35A 5kW Lab-Power LAB-DC150-75 DC Power Supply 0-150V 0-75A
Lab-Power LAB-DC1500-2 Lab-Power LAB-DC1500-2.7 Lab-Power LAB-DC1500-3.4
Lab-Power LAB-DC1500-2 DC Power Supply 0-1500V 0-2A 3kW Lab-Power LAB-DC1500-2.7 DC Power Supply 0-1500V 0-2.7A 4kW Lab-Power LAB-DC1500-3.4 DC Power Supply 0-1500V 0-3.4A 5kW
Lab-Power LAB-DC20-100 Lab-Power LAB-DC20-150 Lab-Power LAB-DC25-120
Lab-Power LAB-DC20-100 DC Power Supply 0-20V 0-100A 3kW Lab-Power LAB-DC20-150 DC Power Supply 0-20V 0-150A 3kW Lab-Power LAB-DC25-120 DC Power Supply 0-25V 0-120A 3kW